I’m going to be in the answer sheet of this question 2

“I do not follow the rules to abstain from playing games right away. I’m going to be in the answer sheet of this question 2….
The second prize is (90 Baht top up) 1 prize.

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Cheap Valentino Courses from the Center for International Education for Languages ​​and Computer

Computer Science Course
The course includes programs (Photoshop – Illustrator – In Design)
AutoCAD Course
The course contains two parts (2D – 3D):
(Interface – Coordinates – Drawing – Modeling) – Creating Blocks- Dimensional- Printing)

The course contains (Modeling- Light- Camera- Material- Rendering- > The course contains a course (Web Design)
Course contains programs (HTML-Expression Web – Dreamweaver – Flash)
* English speaking course:
Beginner – Stage (Elementar) y) – Intermediate stage 10 level of

English Language Grants: 400 + 25 LE (Scientific Article)
Open Issue
Human Resource Management Diploma (HR)
Business Administration
Marketing Corse sales skills
Sales techniques
Customer service courseware
Customer service
English courseware
Business English
Soft skills
Soft Skills

DELLUX – Lighting Earthing – Light current – MV
Motor starting – Autocad – ETAP
Also thanks to God there are many courses To inquire about the rest of the courses, please contact us by e-mail or e-mail

xeroxdokki @ 10 Amin El Rafei St. Administrative Bldg. 6th Floor, Dokki Metro Station
01020096325. Cheap Valentino

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