The analyst firm also finds that convergence of 3G and WiMax

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laser hair removal safe Your best bets: See your dermatologist. Some people confuse skin tags with other growths, such as warts, which feel firmer than skin tags. If a skin tag isn bothering you, there no need to remove it. Titled Data Center Services Market Review 2011 the study shows that the third party data center services market, which makes up for 20 percent of the market, is slated to grow at a CAGR of 34 percent to reach $600 million during this period.The data centers that make up for four fifths of the market will record slower growth compared to the overall data center services market, according to the study.The current penetration of data centers in the India enterprise sector is 63 percent, while large enterprises accounted for nearly 85 percent of the data center market in 2010.The BFSI sector leads the way with the highest penetration of data centers. Meanwhile, penetration levels amongst large enterprises are expected to reach almost 100 percent.As a natural progression, vendors would be well advised to develop their offerings for SMB enterprises, says the analyst firm.more and more enterprises look to outsource the management of their IT infrastructure, third party data centers will find increased adoption over the next two three years, says Apalak Ghosh, lead analyst for India emerging technologies research at CyberMedia Research.Meanwhile, Kamal Vohra, another analyst at CyberMedia says that there are certain challenges that stand in the way, such as real estate and power costs, lack of adequate infrastructure and skilled workforce. Expects third party data center hosting services to cost less, as the cost of hosting is expected to drop significantly over this period due to rapidly decreasing bandwidth cost, and a greater choice of options opening up to enterprise customers.As a result, data center adoption levels are expected to rise in the India enterprise segment, and in turn greatly enhance the business opportunities for third party data center services providers.Over the next couple of years, the India data center services market would shift from being a margin based business to a volumes based industry.The analyst firm also finds that convergence of 3G and WiMax data services, regulations and government data centers to enhance opportunities.With the gradual roll out of 3G and WiMax services by telecom service providers through 2011, and launch of data intensive services such as video calls, Live TV, video conferencing, and high speed online gaming, the need to store and launch various application based services is expected to fuel greater spending on building storage infrastructure.At the same time these factors would contribute to a direct increase in the overall size of the opportunity in the India data center services market.The revival of the BFSI sector is also contributing to the growing demand for data center services in the country.Banking, in particular, is expected to grow in 2011 as the housing and commercial real estate sectors show greater confidence across most key urban centers.Another contributing factor is in the many projects launched by the central and state governments to make government services more easily available to individuals and business organizations through citizen service centers, online passport application monitoring, and e filing of income and service tax returns.The India market is currently experimenting and adopting new cloud computing and virtualization technologies, which will further contribute to the growth in the data center services market laser hair removal safe.


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