The maximum coordination number for a certain metal is thus

The s, p, and d orbitals of the metal can accommodate 18 electrons (see 18 Electron rule). The maximum coordination number for a certain metal is thus related to the electronic configuration of the metal ion (to be more specific, the number of empty orbitals) and to the ratio of the size of the ligands and the metal ion. [Mo(CN)8]4.

Specter, the Pipo Monkeys’ leader, finds a Monkey Helmet, and hires the human scientist Dr. Tomoki (Dr. , Dokut Tomouki) to aid him in his evil plans.

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Old English brs “brass, bronze,” originally in reference to an alloy of copper and tin (now bronze), later and in modern use an alloy of two parts copper, one part zinc. A mystery word, with no known cognates beyond English. Perhaps akin to French brasser “to brew,” because it is an alloy.

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