germany calls truck rampage a terror attack

germany calls truck rampage a terror attack

The Reagan, and her carrier strike group, USS Chancellorsville and USS Preble, were nearly 100 miles offshore when they were engulfed by what the Navy described as: month radiation in just one hour. The 7th Fleet command quickly repositioned these ships after contamination was detected aboard. If anyone in Washington has common sense, the incident should bring an end to the long and contentious war by the Department of Veterans Affairs against sailors of the Vietnam War who were exposed to Agent Orange.

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No word on whether, being too young to play a Jack Daniels bass, Wolfgang will have to settle instead for a Sunny D bass. As much complaining as this personnel change might inspire, the possibility of seeing Diamond Dave and Eddie on the same stage doing something besides scowling at each other should be worth at least part of the ticket price. Filling out the rest of the value for your rock entertainment dollar: at least six years’ worth of hits from the band that justified arena rock’s existence, from the wall to wall hits of their debut through the scuzzy white dude funk of 1981’s whompass Fair Warning, up till the synth drenched, cheap jordans teacher ogling, Lamborghini revving ultrablockbuster 1984.

Fake Yeezys After voters rebuked FDR in 1938 for attempting to “pack” the Supreme Court, Republicans and Southern Democrats prevented any liberal legislating majority in Congress until 1965. That year, however, when 68 senators and 295 representatives were Democrats, Johnson was unfettered.He remains, regarding government’s role, much the most consequential 20th century president. Indeed, the American Enterprise Institute’s Nicholas Eberstadt, in his measured new booklet “The Great Society at Fifty: The Triumph and the Tragedy,” says LBJ, more than FDR, “profoundly recast the common understanding of the ends of governance.”When Johnson became president in 1963, Social Security was America’s only nationwide social program Fake Yeezys.


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