“Enchanted” – A Food + Wine + Art + Music Sensory Experience at Gracey Lane Farm


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Saturday, October 27th


Gracey Lane Farm presents “Enchanted” –  A soulfully curated culinary, luxury beverage, music and art experience.

Event Contribution Includes:

  • Passed appetizers and signature cocktail
  • Small group guided tours of “Enchanted Series” a Gracey Lane Farm art gallery exhibit with artists Victor Roman, Taylor Gallegos, and Elvin Armando
  • Soulful blues musical performances by beautifully talented Sarah Rogo
  • 4-course culinary experience with Chef Carlo Guardado, owner LaLuz Group
  • Wine pairing presented by Jody Brix Emily Towe, J. Brix Winery

Photography Credits: Anne Watson Photography, Chase Life Photography