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Gracey Lane Farm is a a producing farm and private Estate in Fallbrook, California focused on connecting and cultivating our community through food, art and entertainment experiences.

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Saturday, October 27th / 5:30-9:30pm

– Enchanted –

A Culinary, Luxury Beverage, Art & Music Experience

Limited seating / $165 per person / Event Contribution

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You will not want to miss this one-night only curated event with an amazing line-up of featured local artisans.

Event Contribution Includes:
Signature Cocktail & Passed Appetizers
“Enchanted Art Series” 
 Victor Roman • Taylor Gallegos • Elvin Armando
4-Course Culinary Experience with
Chef Carlo Guardado 
J. Brix Wines presented by
Jody Brix Emily Towe   
Blues Performance by
Beautifully Talented Sarah Rogo
Very Limited Availability.
Make sure you get a seat at the table! We look forward to hosting you!


Chef Carlo Guadado is a highly acclaimed chef and has worked with many of the best chefs and restaurants around the world. Cooking always was his first passion and starting from the bottom gave him a solid perspective of the industry. Over the years he learned by traveling and spending time in all sorts of kitchens from mom-pop shops to Michelin starred, and had teachers who always taught authentic craftsmanship and stressed local sustainable practices.

Carlo has recently returned with his wife and 3 sons to the San Diego area, and has a tremendous amount of appreciation for the farm rich town he was raised in. “I am constantly learning something new about the amazing farms, orchards, vineyards and other resources in the surrounding area. I’m excited to see what is possible with our local offerings. My menu ingredients will always be locally sourced and in season.”

Chef Carlo says, “I believe the best meals are shared with great company, we talk about where we have been and make our plans for the future.”

– Food & Wine –

Caramelized Fig & Local Honey
Crème Fraîche • Buddha’s Hand

Morita Cured Halibut & Cucumber Aguachile  
• Avocado • Cucumber • Coriander
Wine Pairing: 2017 J. Brix “The Augur” Dry Riesling

Forbidden Fruit Salad
• Quince • Beets • Pear • Kohrabi • De Luz Coffee & Almond Crumble
Wine Pairing: 2017 J. Brix “Défier” Merlot

Fire & Wine
• Fire Roasted Acorn Squash • Kale  • Berry Good Goat Cheese Mousse • Wine Poached Grapes
Wine Pairing: 2017 J. Brix “Limestone + Schist” Chardonnay

Rabbit Stew & Herb Dumplings
• Carrots • Turnips • Pumpkin • Radish • Blackberries • Enoki • Black Garlic Jus
Wine Pairing: 2017 J. Brix “Rougarou” Carignan

Spice Poached Jillian Apple
• Local Honey House-Whipped Crème • Macadamia Crumble • Coco Nibs
Coffee Pairing: 2018 De Luz Coffeee Quatemalan Cosecha 

*Vegetarian Substitutions Available


J. Brix Winery – After tasting a bottle of Pinot noir grown and made in the Central Coast’s Bien Nacido Vineyard, San Diegans Jody and wife Emily got their winemaking start as volunteer harvest interns there, and found they simply couldn’t get enough of the dirty work. One dream led to another; J. Brix Wines is the unexpectedly felicitous result.

From the site to the soil to the growing season, our wines, if we’re doing our work correctly, will speak in their own voices. We adore the variety California has to offer, which means we find ourselves compelled to make tiny quantities of as many different wines as we can… and, we try to add a new grape or style each harvest. Our fruit comes from a number of vastly different, soul-stirring vineyards. We use neutral vessels, native-yeast fermentation, and absolutely nothing else, with the exception of sulfur dioxide as necessary. In keeping with this minimalist approach, we choose not to fine, filter or cold-stabilize our wines. Our motto, in winemaking and life: Only Love.


A nominee for Best Singer-Songwriter at the 2017 San Diego Music Awards, Sarah Rogo is a performer, surfer, guitar player and songstress making waves in the music scene. At a young age she has managed to embody the grace and intensity of the old time superstars. The bounce in her step and the twinkle in her eyes reveals her charisma and energy immediately. Her captivating performances include sliding on her resonator guitars, dancing, story telling, singing her heart out, and more. While she may look and sound like your prototypical Southern Californian, the 25-year-old singer, guitarist and songwriter was born in New England. She moved to the seaside beach town of Encinitas, CA, less than two years ago, took the local San Diego music scene by storm and now lives in Los Angeles.

“Sarah’s fearless and talented, and I was drawn to her personality without even hearing her play,” said Lembo. “When I heard her sing and play guitar, I recognized an old soul, someone who can not only become a successful artist, but a world-class surfer as well.  Sarah has what it takes to make it, and I’m looking forward to working with her on doing just that.”

Rogo is currently recording her debut album, working with producer David Ricketts.. She’s paid her dues and is ready to ride the wave into a promising, exciting future.

“I just want to learn and have fun with new people in new places. I live to perform and collect stories” she says. “I want to dive right in and fearlessly be myself in this giant shark tank known as the music business”.


Taylor Gallegos is an amazing local visual artist specializing in painting and drawing. He received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Colorado State University, and during that time he studied abroad in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy. Originally a Boulder, Colorado native, he now enjoys living and working in Southern California.

As a professional artist Taylor works primarily in acrylics and oils. A versatile talent, his art ranges from portraits to abstracts and studio work to live art to murals. In recent years, his studio art has developed a focus on environmental and philosophical concepts stretching into the Life series and through the Meditations and Abstractions series’.


Victor Roman’s passion for expressing himself through art motivates him to sketch and paint whenever he can. On most days, you will find him painting in his studio until late into the night. Painting at night after work shows his dedication to his craft, and after 3 years of study at Palomar College and countless hours in the studio Victor’s talent has grown exponentially. The subjects he paints evoke complex emotions in the viewer, who are challenged to consider their feelings and develop their own interpretation of his art.

Music is a large part of Victor’s life. Throughout the day he listens to a variety of music but finds himself drawn to artists such as Journey, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen on his personal time. Victor’s art is influenced by music, but of a different kind. While he is working, Victor listens to music from areas of the world that he is unfamiliar with. The culturally indigenous sounds inspire and inform his work. He researches their area of origin and learns about the traditions and culture of the people who live there.

As a young child, Victor would receive art pieces through the mail from his uncle. Each drawing was in pen but the surface would vary. Victor later discovered that his uncle was sending these to him from San Quentin. The drawings helped ground his uncle and keep him connected to life outside prison throughout his long years of confinement. It was the beautiful craftsmanship and extreme detail of his pieces that inspired Victor’s love of art and which you can see echoed in the art Victor produces.


Elvin Armando studied painting under Victor Roman and through self study. He spends most of his free time painting, creating contemporary narratives, while also developing a style unique to himself.

Elvin was born in Escondido, California, in 1997 and continues to live there.

Elvin has joined the Strange Dreams Art Collective in 2018.

– Enchanted –

“You don’t have to believe it to feel it. ”  

Event Registration


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